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We are running what we hope is the North’s most prestigious motorsport charity ball and daytime motor show at the Dunkenhalgh Hotel (near Blackburn) on Saturday September 6th.

 The event is to raise funds to help former international rally co-driver Chris Wood, who has recently fallen of his mountain bike and is now tetraplegic.

 For the day time event we need a wide range of interesting, exciting and classic cars to support our own legendary Rally Group B cars to display at the hotel and during a display in Accrington town centre. The show times are between 11AM and 4:30PM. On the evening we are holding a black tie driver’s ball, members of the motoring and motorsport community are more than welcome to join us. For tickets please ring Kevin furber on 07850 732867 and for more information either call Kevin or take a look at our website www.rallydriversball.co.uk

What’s in Gully’s Budget box?

Reporter Roo is live in Downing Street, ready for Gully Mouse - Chancellor of the Pricechecker’s Budget Bonanza speech!

Small Spartans Episode One!

Check it out, created using Forge Green Screen Walls :D


Tenemos un problemirijio aqui.

Lo que me encontre Jajaja.

My mate’s been eyeing up this girl all night but was too shy.


So we have him some gentle encouragement, even offered to reward his bravery with a drink on us. So after a couple of hours he approaches this girl and says ‘hi I’m going to get a free drink if I speak to you’. He sees nothing wrong with this.






omg i only just realised 

lord farquaad

sounds like lord fuckwad